Monday, September 29, 2008

I just wanted to see if posting video works and it seems to be, anyway my favourite song for the time being :)

Ananthi Sankaran

Sunday, September 28, 2008

On Saturday morning, as soon as i got up, my first thought was, "was there a presidential debate yesterday"? I quickly switched on my computer as started looking at BBC, and yes the debate had taken place and someone even named John McCain as the winner( though that was a biased website, infact many reported there wasn't a winner at all, it was a draw, hehehe it is like one of the patti mandrams of Soloman Pappaiya). I had mixed feelings as I really do not have much idea who might be the better choice of the two to be the President of US of A, which by the way is getting blows after blows in all fronts. So whoever is elected, must be prepared for sleepless nights for at least four years and he for sure not taking up the captaincy at the right time.
BBC had posted some video clips of the debate and frankly, i felt unless you are a person who does not require some drama and action to get the things to ur brains, this would have been a good one. Or may be presidential debates are always like this, but i enjoyed every bit of their conversation. So as i viewed the last clip, i decided i 'll search any of my family or my friends who has seen the whole debate live on TV. So first I called my father, who is normally very active in knowing the world politics and according to me, he has the answers for all my question. He though knew there was such an event going to take place showed no interest to watch it as his defence was, how does it matter?
These were the answer i received from few of my friends too. For me it is the Greatest election in the History of America. First there was fight between Hillary and Obama, though for many republican supporters, McCain was their unanimous choice. The democratic fight between the candidates actually bought me interest to follow this election. And i must tell u, i felt the fight that Hillary and Obama had is no where close to what the presidential candidates are having now.
So coming back to the topic, why is no one showing interest to know, who is going to be elected as the President of the most powerful country in the world?
In the past two years, the world has seen lots of elections, some fair ones and some unfair, and ofcourse these elections came with a plenty of drama, be it in asia or in Africa. I do not remember if the elections were so nail biting like this some 5 years ago, or is it that the election details are more accessible now because of internet. But one thing is for sure, the media now is playing a very very important role, and it is so keen to analyse the candidates that they are even providing free marketing solutions for some eye glass brand which is used by some canditates and this is put as a news in its first page by some websites. All i can say seeing these articles is Oh My God.
These petite news, too much drama obviously has become a part of this generation election campaign. Some country votes for some candidates because of some emotional reasons, while others are forced to vote. I think too many commotions created during the election campain, which is hyper exaggerated by the media has certainly made a good a number of people numb towards the exciting turns that the political situations are taking us. Each day is like in a roller coaster ride, which by the way is my favorite, and i do not think i 'll stop enjoying this ride anywhere in the near future, so i am looking forward for the second debate between Palin and Biden on Oct. 4 :D, which i think 'll be more intresting than the one last friday :) I plan to sleep in the morning as i can be awake to watch the debate, due to the time difference :D

Ananthi Sankaran

Monday, September 15, 2008

Earlier i always wanted to write comments on BBC have your say, but i was timid, thinking, are my thoughts worth publishing in a site like BBC?
Then during the BIG BANG experiment i took courage to write a comment and asked my friend to publish, but BBC never published :( i was disappointed, i just used to check all day and night for two days until they categorised that discussion as a read only segment :(( :((
Today i was reading as usual BBC and again could not resist my hand clicking the "Have your say" and saw that there was a discussion abt Zimbabwe politics. I thought i'll post a comment, who cares if it is good, anyway they are going to reject it, n i posted.
Later when i was working i got a call in my mobile, normally when the caller is named 'withheld', it is my parents (i do not know y it comes that way).
But it was from BBC, for an instant i was frightned if i had offended someone in my comments, but then came the surprise
They said that they do not normally receive comments from France, so would i like to take part in some programme in BBC radio today evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wooow that was not expected and i still cannot stop smiling :D :D :D
Unfortunately, I have some things to do in the lab so had to say no, but still BBC called!!!!!!!!!!
I am searching for someone to call for a toast, so let me go
:D :D :D (it is bad that u have no real smilies here, or is there an option???????

Ananthi Sankaran

Monday, September 8, 2008

I know what r u wondering ;)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Found this pic from another blog :) thought it was funny but can love be blind to this extent ;)

Hello all,
First "Happy Teachers day" :)
today i would like to thank all of you, who i have met, about whom i have read, abt whom i have heard, for all of you have helped me learn, often without knowing that you were doing so :) so merci tout le monde!!!!!!

Ananthi Sankaran

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I came across this news today while forcing myself to get back to work :)

So after reading this article, i was just wondering,

does presence or absence of some kind of genes really affect a person's character? atleast for this case science have proved yes. That means a persons behaviour may not be predicted by astrology or numerology or palmistry but by the constituents of our body.

But atlest in my case though i am not a staunch believer of palmistry, certain things predicted by the palmist have come true, so does that mean presence of these genes influences the lines in our hand?

Astrology, which has been the backbone of most of the indian marriage atleast until the last decade is assumed to predict the stability and durability of a married couples. So, are the presence of genes influenced by the cosmic rays which inturn can be precicted by astrology?

I am not an expert in any of the these subjects so experts who think i am blabbering, enlighten me, others think with me if u have time, anyway i am searching for things that 'll keep me away from writing my thesis and seems i am succeding ;)

Ananthi Sankaran