Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yesterday I made a darshan to my costly GYM after avoiding it for many days. My friend felt so guilty of not visiting this holy place after spending tons of money on it.

FYI: the expenditure for going to the gym does not stop with the monthly payment, new dresses (being a girl it is more expensive), new shoes, new accessories, etc etc etc.

So after 15 mins of rigorous running, we decided to do a program call 'Body sculpt'. So our trainer, made us to do sit-ups until we started sweating worse than pigs, suddenly I remembered my childhood days.
My parents used to put some coins in front of the god as an offering, but me and my sister considering ourselves as god, take those generously without the knowledge of our parents in other words 'stealing' to buy the cheap but tasty delicacies that are sold along the road. My mother soon realizing that god cannot take all these pennies did an investigation and caught us one day on the scene of the crime. And the punishment was doing sit-ups, and the number of times depends on the intensity of the crime.
I came back to reality and thought, hmmm those days, we had a free physical trainer, but we were reluctant to do; now I have a physical trainer for whom I pay, and to whom I have to request to kill us with these sit-ups. A tiny smile cracked in my lips and I did more sit-ups, not for the trainer or to sculpt my body, but for my beloved mother.

Ananthi Sankaran

Monday, January 19, 2009

After the movie got released, although the world celebrated its success, in India, many were angered by the way India was projected in the movie. Even Amitab ji got agitated by the way they portrayed the movie.
I must admit the scene where the boy comes out with shit covered is disgusting, but I really do not see a point in getting agitated. I would say, whatever that has been portrayed in that movie is 100% true. There are even worse things that are happening in India. Thank god that Danny Boyle has not come across those things.
Why are we ashamed to say that India has its drawbacks? Every country has its drawbacks, but a constructive country strives hard to make itself better, and we Indians fight with people who point us the truth.
What do politicians and celebrities know about the hardships that each Indian is facing everyday?
Charities and donations does not bring them any closer to reality.
Flesh trade is still active in India. Cultural and communal riots still take place in India. Children are starved and are used as a tool for begging. There is religious differences, caste difference, and if these were not enough, even economic stature difference.
This year when I visited India, I saw a mother begging with a baby in her hand. The baby was looking no better than the famine struck children in Darfur. Before I could take a picture of her son, the mother covered him and took him away.
So my dear people, face it, I know many have their patriotic feeling running high, but that alone is not enough. That movie is a fantastic movie, take it as an eye opener, accept the truth and work towards changing it.

Ananthi Sankaran

Thursday, January 15, 2009

This was a Fwd mail, and I found it funny, enjoy!!!

Dearest Lovely Buddy...
Do u know dis????

Kyon chalti hai pawan ?
because of evaporation.

Kyon jhoome hai gagan ?
because of earth's revolution.

Kyon machalta hai mann ?
because of excessive respiration.

Na tum jaano na hum ?
but i just gave all the answers.

Kyon aati hai bahar ?
because of change in season.

Kyon lutata hai kaarar ?
becuase of mental tension.

Kyon hota hai pyaar ?
because of fatal attraction.

Na tum jaano na hum ?
like i said these are all science phenomena.

Kyon gum hai har disha ?
because u have lost the sense of direction.

Kyon hota hai nasha ?
because of Alcohol & drug addiction.

Kyon aata hai mazaa?
because of food's temptation.

Na tum jaano na hum?
I think u r jealous of my intelligence ...... !!!