Friday, November 21, 2008

My latest craze is to write a book and get a booker prize. When I said writing I remember that I am now writing something close to a book.
1. For writing a book one does a lot of research on what he/ she writes-Myself for sure have done enough research on what I am writing.
2. In a novel, the author uses several pages just to explain that a person is sleeping,-I have done that in my writing, infact I have this repeating every now and then
3. The work must be original and captivating- My work is original and captivating for some, no offence but I found God of small things the most boring book, so I think I'll pass in this too.
4.The author must belong to a common wealth country or UK or those small islands up there- I qualify easily for that :)
5. All I need is to find a publisher, but that 'll not be a problem ;)

so, what do you think of submitting my

PhD THESIS for Booker!!!!

Ananthi Sankaran

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I learnt about this group from one of my friend's profile. I immediately fell in love with their "toss the feathers". I found their other songs too, they are truly amazing, the kind of songs i can listen to anytime of the day :)

One of my favourite

Ananthi Sankaran