Thursday, July 3, 2008

I wanted my second blog to be beautiful, expressive, well written and was planning something for some time now. But something happened in my life that needs a mention.

Until few days ago, my life was like in a fairy tale, happy and peaceful :) except for the prince ;), and then reality hit
!$&*!"$'# baam*!$&*!"$'#
i became restless thinking abt the future that is in hold for me. I think most of us tend to think abt the worries more, than abt the happiness that is waiting around us to be relished.
But today morning, one of my friend, who i lost contact long long time ago because of a small fight, called me n said, "life is too short to worry n fight abt things, so lets be in touch again"
I am sure everyone has received mails saying things like this, all the time, but u never receive the right one at the right time, or we are too much pre-occupied with the worries that we fail to see the signs sent by the supreme power to lift us up. At this moment, i would like to thank my friend, i do not know what made him call me after such a long time, but it has defenitely put me back into the right path :) so here i go to continue my fairy tale and hope i have a " happily ever after :D"

Ananthi Sankaran

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