Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two days back, we had an all girls party, it had been a distant dream for me after coming to France for studies.
Coming from India, my conversation with boys has always been restricted to certain subjects, and some were untouched during discussion, this is how a normal conversation goes between girls and boys in colleges and schools, some three years ago. So when the only girls join together, there is much more fun, with unlimited gossips and discussions, questions and answers.
During my college days we were a gang of six, three boys and three girls, we used to have so much fun together, but we had more fun after the boys left, chitchatting, eating at the road side eateries etc.
After coming to France, i wanted to have friends like i had earlier, but here the lifestyle is different, all discussions are made in open in front of everyone, even if they are not their friends, here their priorities and secrets are different from us, and slowly i forgot my priorities and started tuning in myself to the lifestyle here. But few days back i happened to read a book by Stephen Clarke " Merde Actually", where he explains abt his life in France, believe it or not, each and every single word he explained abt France is true.
So he had written that after he went back to England when he saw a group if girls chatting in England, he realized that he never saw a gang of girls in France (the phrase is not exactly the same but the meaning is this one). Though i was not sure abt it, i decided to make a survey. So every time i saw a gang of people, i counted the number of girls in the gang, and found that there are never more than two or three girls in a gang and a girls gang always consist of two people. I do not know y but this is been the case most of the time, so i packed up my dream of long gossiping and chatting and criticizing, until two days back we had an impromptu party and finally it turned out to be an all girls party!!!!!
As expected there were no French, we were one Estonian, two Romanians, one Russian and one Indian and that is me!!!! We had a little slow start, but then our party got momentum and we had lots of fun, lots of food, lots to drink and lots to discuss and lots n lots to gossip. Finally, my dream was fulfilled and my soul is rejuvenated, i am feeling content now :) this is enough for me to run myself for another three weeks, i'll be going to India and 'll visit my friends again!!!! I am excited :D

Ananthi Sankaran


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