Monday, February 16, 2009

I live in a 17 m² room and so I never invited anyone over to my place for a party or a drink as I hate to get stuck up with two people and my room cannot bear a crowd of 20. So when I met a small set of Indians I invited them to have dinner at my place. So there were eight people most of them PhD's or soon to be PhD's. So I dusted my electric cooker which I purchased from India three years ago to make rice for my guests. I have never touched it for the past 2 years as I found it occupying too much of my living space. So after keeping my rice in it, I plugged it and the lights started glowing and my rice started cooking, but giving a very strange smell. Someone rightly pointed out that there was a problem with the cooker, but I ignored saying that may be it is because it is back to use after a very loooooooong time. And when the rice was nearly cooked, both the lights went off. The mechanism of a rice cooker is when it is plugged on at least one of the light must be on always. I declared that my cooked has stopped functioning. But my fellow researchers got argumentative; they said how it is possible when the rice is nearly cooked? In my life I have come across a number of electrical goods that stopped working at least expected times and for me it wasn’t hard to believe. But they refused to accept that my cooker was not working and I made myself believe that I am totally wrong. There was another girl a non-PhD, who said, in a low voice that the strange smell belongs to that of a burnt wire. But whose voice was to be taken, PhD's or soon to be and non-PhD’s??? Obviously the voice of the PhD’s were heard and was declared that the rice cooker is working, but may be the LED broke. End of the story :)

P.S. I tried cooking rice today again with my cooker, the rice and water refused to budge ;)

Ananthi Sankaran